ISSA 2023

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Publics that matter: Sociology of sport in our local communities

In his 2015 article entitled “Assessing the sociology of sport: On public sociology of sport and research that makes a difference,” published as part of the ISSA and IRSS 50th anniversary special issue, Peter Donnelly writes:

A relevant and engaged sociology of sport can contribute to “the terms of the debate,” not just by adding to the body of knowledge, but also by having researchers who specifically draw the connections between their work and the larger debates and problems, and by seeking ways to engage various publics when disseminating that research. (p. 422)

The theme of the 2023 Annual Congress for the ISSA takes this call to “engage [our] various publics” as its point of departure and extends this call to question how we define and then work with, within and through our “various publics” in our research, scholarship, and teaching. In particular, we invite scholars to share their insights on and experiences of engaging in research, scholarship and teaching with, within and through their local communities.

The following questions are meant to spark our conversations about our roles and work on the ground in our local communities, whether defined by geography, identity, language, purpose, shared values, etc.:

As with previous congresses we encourage scholars to share their most recent research on a range of topics in the sociology of sport. However, this congress specifically aims to stimulate critical reflection about our role in local communities. We are particularly interested in how we reach out through, and beyond the campus to contribute to social change and make the social, cultural, and political study of sport meaningful to governments, organizations and publics on the ground.

Abstracts of a maximum 250 words can be submitted in both French and English and presentations/posters can be delivered in both languages as well.


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